My Talk with God

Tracey: Lord, fear has been incredibly difficult for me to get rid of in my life.

God: Incredibly difficult? Yes. Impossible? Certainly not.

Tracey: Well…of course nothing is impossible for You but me, on the other hand…

God: Well…if you surrendered your fears to me, you wouldn’t have to worry about how difficult it is, would you?

Tracey: **blinking back tears at the truth of that**

God: Daughter, do you remember the word I gave you to help you deal with your fear?

Tracey: Yes. 2nd Timothy 1:7. “God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love, and sound mind.”

God: Good. What’s the most important part of that scripture?

Tracey: Uh, power, love, and a sound mind?

God: No. Not for you, it isn’t.

Tracey: **shrugging**

God: The most important part of that scripture for you is that I did not GIVE you fear. It does not come from me. Power, love, or a sound mind has never been something you didn’t understand. The problem for you is that you’ve been existing as if these fears come from Me. As if you deserve them somehow. You should know that it doesn’t…and you don’t.

Tracey: Then…where did this fear come from?

God: Your life…in those dark moments when you thought you were disconnected from me. When you believed the lie that I was unavailable to you. Whether it was your own choices or the sins made against you, your life gave you fear, Tracey, not me. But, of course, I come…

Tracey: …that I may have life more abundantly?

God: Yes! Absolutely! Which means what?

Tracey: A life without fear.

God: Very good.

Tracey: **breathes deeply**


5 Replies to “My Talk with God”

  1. SO beautiful.God did not give us fear! Right now I'm getting over my fear of…success…because I wondered how my little world would change or how much more responsibility I'd have. When I start doing more with acting, I will become more visible and I surely can't walk around (example) with a negative attitude with more people watching. It's like, I'll have a higher level of responsibility. Now I'm more ready. Fear traps people from experiencing life and fulfilling our purpose. I love this post!!

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