An excuse/reason for my absence

There is something way down deep inside of me that has, for the last few weeks, prevented me from picking up a pen (or laptop) and writing. I don’t know if I can call it a block because that seems to imply that there is something other than me standing in the way of all …


I am an average chick.

I feel more inclined to clarify the word “average” even while the use of the word “chick” may be what most will feel compelled to emphasize. This is not average as in mediocre or mundane. This is average as in the median. Somewhere in this word is an awareness that there is something more complex …

Colorful Thoughts

Colors reach out to me from the canvas of my mind. The purple splashes of my inner queen speaks loudly and almost brazenly to the cool blue of my inner peace. Red dances seductively to the calypso beat of my heart and yellow shines brightly, overcoming even my greenest days.TMLCheck out more at