Chicken vs. Egg First kinda questions

Is it better to know who you are but not have a clue where you are going or to know where you are going but not have a clue as to who you are?Can we even seperate who we are with our destiny or are they inextricably linked?Is the path we take, the journey we …


The Morning After

Dreams are rarely shortsighted. In fact, they inherently consider not just the immediate impact of their manifestation but the ripple effect that is likely to occur in the hearts and minds of those who originate them as well as though who are blessed enough to see them come to pass.The very prophetic nature of a …

Waiting with Baited Breath, Pen Poised

I just finished voting and now I sit on the couch wrapped in blankets and nursing a fierce cold. I have fully equipped myself with the necessities...dayquil, throat lozenges, tissues, tea, remote (probably unnecessary since the channel is permanently on CNN), and laptop (to write and read the latest blogs.)Check out more at