#Minneapolis #Baltimore. #Ferguson. Hey Church! Where in the HELL are YOU?

The Church as a unified collective needs to sacrifice whatever narrative we are holding on to that’s preventing us from standing up for people of color.

The Case for Faith in the COVID-19 Crisis

Whether a person believes in God is besides the point. For those of us who do, faith functions as a place of grounding in the face of crisis and trauma. If it doesn’t serve any other purpose, I would guess that this is a worthy one.

What a Trip: My Mind, Memories, and D-Nice

“Every song DNice played, especially the ones that made me stand up and scream “Yaaaassss HONEY that’s my JAM!” allowed me to remove the noise of fear and anxiety and worry and center myself in joy and jubilation. Each song took me to a place in my mind, in my history, that reminded me of the abundance of life I’ve already lived and my capacity to create more if I just kept living.”

Forgive myself or nah?

It sounds good to say “forgive yourself” but maybe it’s better to say, “Beloved, you’re okay. You don’t have to forgive anything. Just surrender that thing to the One who can actually cancel that debt. Then just keep living.”

Dealing with my homegirl, Resistance.

Resistance, for me, feels like a wall in my brain. It feels like an impasse. I physically feel the tension and pressure in my brows and neck. I also feel my thighs tighten and a weird sensation in my stomach.