A Simple Superpower

Beautiful African Girl Jumping in White Dress

There are some of us who, no matter how many compliments we receive, no matter how many things we accomplish, never seem to be able to really see ourselves. The hole in our souls that should have been filled with confidence and self-awareness is vast and deep. It echoes back all kinds of false narratives about our worth. Some seeds–the good and loving things–were never nurtured in us. Other seeds–the ugly, nasty things–were  planted way TOO deep.

So now we wander our lives actively seeking validation externally and attaching ourselves sometimes to any thing that even remotely looks like it/he/she/they might be able to fill us up. Only to be deeply disappointed when ordinary humans aren’t up for such a God sized job.

So today, on what amounts to some as an ordinary Monday, I ask you to take a deep breath in.

Go on now…do it!

Now blow that mess out.

You feel that?

Okay, so do it again.

I SAID do it again! Lol.

You feel how your breath seems to fill up every part of your body? From that dip in your collarbone to the tips of your toenails, you have twice just sent the most powerful life force on this side of heaven out to fill the entirety of your being. The act of taking a moment to be still and breathe is probably the most underrated yet magnificent superpower we have. It reveals such a simple and profound truth: we have all we need inside of us.

Life will throw some bricks at us, for sure. Sometimes to the extent that it feels like our lives are a perpetual bob and weave. But our resiliency lies in our willingness to stop and breathe AND tell the absolute truth about ourselves to ourselves. This is how we soar.

Here are a few truths to help you get your day going:

I am alive. 

I am the Imago Dei, the image of God. 

I am enough. 




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