A Singular Resistance


Happy 2018!

My prayer is that this year takes you places you never imagined you’d go and that your mind and heart and soul is continuously transformed.

In light of our current political climate, we hear the word RESIST quite a bit. I desire to resist a government that seems to be trying to rip apart the already tattered fabric of our social and economic systems. I resist the systemic racism and misogyny that is part of our culture. I resist the trampling of my humanity by people who have chosen not to see me. I resist and disrupt the co-opting of my faith by the “religious right wrong.”

And yet, that kind of resistance, though in many ways necessary, is terribly exhausting.

I recently discovered a kind of resistance that I’m not sure I ever consciously thought about before. This one, I believe, can topple the fleshly towers of hatred and injustice that exist today if nurtured and cultivated. Don’t be fooled by its seemingly simplistic approach. There is power in it. A rich well of power that can change the world if we all decide to intentionally invest in it.

I will teach my daughter that she is valued and valuable.

This is a subversive act.

And in an active, intentional way, I will teach her she is loved and beloved.

Even at 6, I will teach her the language of passion and justice.

She will learn from me that she cannot/should not be coerced out of her dignity
Or oppressed by or because of her identity.

I will teach her that she will be heard by God and humankind. Her voice is necessary.

In the words of our elders and like the picture up top, she will run on and see what the end’s gonna be.

She will discover healthy ways even unknown to her mother to hold both her pains and passions

She will shine bright for and in the glory of God.

Movements are not about money nor are they made by celebrity.

They exist in service to what matters most:

Our humanity.

So she will neither convince nor conjole anyone to acknowledge hers.

She will simply live free and let everyone else catch up when or if they can.

More than anything I can do, say, or write, she will be my resistance.



One Reply to “A Singular Resistance”

  1. That is a revolutionary act. The freeing of yourself is an act of resistance. Freeing our children creates a ripple in the universe that bears much fruit. Kids learn not only that they ARE free they learn that freedom is to be shared and encouraged in others.

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