But I Didn’t Say Yes

It has taken me a few weeks to get up the nerve to post this video. I recorded it one late night on a whim right around the time that Brock Turner was released early from jail and Nate Parker’s rape trial  was all over my newsfeed. In light of what’s happening in Charlotte right now, I’m fairly certain that I’m outside of the “news cycle” window. But that’s OK. I don’t necessarily try to align my posts with what’s trending. And…for some reason, today feels right. Maybe there’s some young woman out there still blaming herself for her sexual assault. Maybe there’s some guy who isn’t clear about what it means for a woman to consent. Maybe it’s just time for me to release it.


2 Replies to “But I Didn’t Say Yes”

  1. This was a gutsy move that will no doubt help some woman somewhere look at what happened to her differently. Memories came in like a flood! Jesus be a fence!

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