The Conversation


I suppose you can chalk this post up to my “sanctified” imagination—as the elders call it—being especially overactive lately. 🙂


Devil:  You know if you give them free will, they will fail you. If not now, eventually.

God: I know.

Devil: So why even bother?

God: Because they are mine. They are worth it. (pauses and sighs deeply). And…my love for them runs deeper than any failure they could have or bad choice you can inspire.

Devil: (chuckles) Oh, are you sure about that?

God: Try me.

Devil: I love a challenge, you know.

God: (unbothered) Obviously.

Devil: (agitated) Yep, Jehovah done finally messed up. Bet on the wrong horse, as they say.

God: (laughs long and hard)

Devil: (further irritated) What’s so damn funny?

God: (unmoved; continues laughing)

Awkward silence. 

God: (laughter finally subsiding) You always keep me in stitches with your shenanigans. If nothing else, you get an A for effort.

Devil: (enraged for being dismissed) Well that’s OK. Say what you want. I will use this ridiculous free will to blow up their lives. I will put into motion systems that will cause them to hurt, maim, and kill each other for generations. Some even in YOUR name! The systems will mean that I won’t even have to always be involved–THEY will perpetuate my evil all on their own. I will devastate this world you’ve created. And check the meme up top! Guess who they will blame? Not themselves or your dumb free will.

God: (sobered) They will blame me.

Devil: (smirking) Yes. YOU!

God: I know. Because who else would they instinctively know–even if they don’t believe–has the power to intervene in your campaign? Certainly not you, right?

Devil: (maddened with jealousy and rage) They will blame YOU for everything! So much for all that “loving them deeply” and “giving them space to love and know their creator freely and without coercion or manipulation.” The price you’ll pay for that foolishness will be immense!

God: I know.

Devil: (incredulous) You KNOW?! That’s it?! That’s all you have to say?

God: (sighing and shaking head) Yes, I know. We are well aware of the cost.

Devil: (noticing the shift) Well, what are you…y’all…going to do about it?

God: (smiles) 

Devil: Pssshhh. That bull*@%# love thing again? Whatever. I’ll pervert their perception of love so thoroughly they will not recognize your love even when they experience it.

God: And you suppose that will work?

Devil: (strutting with confidence) It will!

God: Bless your heart. Well do what you must.

Devil: I don’t need your permission.

God: Well actually…since you aren’t them, as much as you wish to be…yes, you do. But I’m not giving you my permission as much as I’m allowing you to see how powerless you really are.

Devil: Powerless?! Did you not hear what I plan to do?

God: Yes, I heard.

Devil: Well…as I said…whatever. Your beloved people won’t think I’m so powerless.

God: Are you sure about that?

Devil: VERY.

God: Alright then. It’s settled. Do what you must. But make sure you look very closely at my beloveds. See past the temporal things, the material treasures, those finite bodies you plan to allegedly destroy. Get a really close look past their emotions and intellect. See past all that stuff that will pass away whether you agitate their lives or not. Make sure you take a peek way down, deep down into their souls. You might see Someone awfully familiar there.

Devil: Who?!

God: (smiles)

Devil: (blazes away enraged yet determined)


Me: (feeling the weight of my life and circumstances) Not today, Satan. Not today.

God: That’s my girl.



One Reply to “The Conversation”

  1. Wonderfully said. I love the way you wrote this and then put it to your situation at the end. Thats what I will do give the devil no credit at all. Give God thanks and keep moving.

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