Race, Faith, Family, and Health: My Top 5 Posts from 2015

All things considered, 2015 was a great year for my writing. I released my ninth book and wrote numerous articles for digital pubs like The Chronicle Vitae, Ebony.com, The Guardian, and DAME Magazine. So I’m not terribly surprised that here on my own blog, the posts that had the most views were the ones that aligned with the subjects I wrote about elsewhere. Many of these were challenging and brought out quite a few trolls. All of them were the authentic expression of my convictions as well as my tilted-halo-and-grace-living-ish self. For that, I’m grateful.

Now to start a new chapter…again.


Everything Christians Need to Know about the Duggar “Mistake”



#Charleston. #Baltimore. #Ferguson. Hey Church! Where in the HELL are YOU?



Open Letter to My Husband on Our 7th Wedding Anniversary



Why I’m Going Back to Therapy



 What White Christians and Churches Can Do About Racism


And here are a couple of my favorites that could stand a repost!

Blood At The Root: Sandra Bland and Why I Wrestle With How to Live Free in America


Church, Your Legs Are Burning!


PTSD is real! Ask me…and Olivia Pope!

olivia pope pew


So...your thoughts?

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