Does Faith Ever Fit…in Academia?


When I set out to write about what it means to be a person of faith working in academia, I was fairly certain that the tension and sometimes outright dismissal I’ve experienced on that front were created by external factors. Specifically, I blamed the skewed perspectives of colleagues who felt that my faith was a hindrance to my effectiveness as a scholar.

And to a certain extent, that is still true.

However, in preparing this article, I spoke with professors and administrators at private and public institutions across the country, and came to realize that my experience was not necessarily the norm. What I’ve learned: While some academics do think the best teachers are, at the very least, agnostic, many other people embrace believing colleagues and even engage us in challenging but satisfying discourses on faith, theology, and religion.



2 Replies to “Does Faith Ever Fit…in Academia?”

  1. But faith makes sense in regards to man’s relationship with God. He is supernatural and we are bound by nature. He is not bound by the laws of nature. God does the miraculous. Therefore, faith makes sense as the only means of relationship with God. Faith bridges the natural realm to the supernatural where God dwells. It’s only rational.

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