TMLG’S Top 6 Posts for 2014

So here we go…

*again with the booming, echo-like, movie trailer voice*

THE TOP 5 6 ARTICLES/ESSAYS/BLOGS I WROTE THIS YEAR (based on views/comments/stats)

cliff_hoagieSetting the Narrative Free: Bill Cosby Is NOT Cliff Huxtable

This piece got picked up and shared so many times, it might as well had been a hundred dollar bill. <– See what I did there?


Not for the Faint of Heart

I sometimes wish that this blog wasn’t as popular as it was. But I suppose we are all seeking transparency and honesty. Y’all love to see a sista broken. LOL!


THE UNNECESSARY LOVE TRIANGLE: The wonderful risk in telling the truth

Love triangles are always fascinating, right? Especially when someone learns their lesson. 😉


Not In My Shoes, Please!

I knew a K post would show up in this list somewhere. Because..well, it’s K.


Now or Never? Bearing Witness to the Complicated Relationship Between Truth and Time for Women Who Have Been Sexually Assaulted

The response to this post was overwhelming and in many ways disheartening. There were so many women who shared their stories with me but didn’t want it posted on the blog. This #rapeculture we live in has got to be reconciled.


My Problem with (what some call) Forgiveness: A Heart Cracked Wide Open by Ferguson, MO

#BlackLivesMatter. Enough said.

So there it is. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Go catch up on some good reading…and keep seeking His face. 🙂



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