[MyBrownBaby] Lean In and Have It All—Finding Work/Life Balance, YOUR Way


My mind was blown. I was sitting at my computer watching some random Ted Talk when Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, asked the men in the audience this: “How many of you have ever been asked ‘How do you do it all?’”

Not one man raised his hand.

She went on to point out that even in today’s seemingly progressively culture, it is ASSUMED that men can do it all. No one questions whether a man can have a career and a family and be good fathers and good husbands and be good businessman and employees–all at the same daggone time.

Yet, our culture doesn’t always apply that same assumption to women. In fact, our young girls still are often taught early on that they will likely have to sacrifice, dumb down, or outright hide some of their gifts if they want to be a “good” woman for a man or a “good” mother to their future children.

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