[MyBrownBaby] The Problem with Parenting From Your Own Pain



I have a very hard time trusting God with my child.

Yeah, I know how that sounds.

Hey, I’m the first to admit that I’m no Hannah.

Who’s Hannah?

Hannah was a woman in the bible who begged God to remove her barrenness—okay, so maybe I’m a little like Hannah—and in exchange, agreed to give her child, her son, back to Him upon weaning.

Yep, that’s where we differ.

Of course, in the Old Testament, “give him back” meant literally sending her son away. Samuel lived in the temple and served the priests of the day.

But obviously Hannah was on to something. Samuel later became a great prophet, the one who anointed King David (see 1 Samuel: 1).

So here’s my thing: Like Hannah, I had enough faith in His power to believe that he could open my womb after two miscarriages and give me and my husband a baby. But somewhere over the course of this motherhood journey I’ve been on, I’ve resisted fulfilling my part of the deal: turning over my daughter to Him.

And no, I don’t mean dropping her off at the church to live. LOL!

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