Lists Are SO Cliche’ and Yet…Top Five Posts of 2013


So as a writer, you have this idea of what aspects of your work will touch people. Of course you’re never really sure. Usually, the words and work that moved YOU the most are the ones you think will have the same effect on others. And many, many times, that’s true. But then God often surprises you. At least he does me. Sometimes, what I felt was a good piece of writing, garners nothing but crickets. LOL! And then the posts that caused me great anxiety or I thought was one of those under-pressure, gotta post now throwaways—well that’s the one that gets all the hits and shares. Go figure! LOL! I’ve long stopped trying to anticipate what God is going to do with my words. I try to just write and see what happens. 

And some good stuff happened with these here posts. Here are the FIVE MOST POPULAR BLOG POSTS on “In Search of His Face” this year. Click the title links to enjoy reading and have an incredibly, joyous NEW YEAR! 
Sidebar: Because I re-launched my blog in the fourth quarter of this year (and therefore, did most of my marketing then) all of the popular posts are from the last few  months. Check the honorable mentions for earlier favs. 
I suspect that the popularity of the film is the reason why this post completely ROCKED OUT! And maybe, possibly, the fact that so many of us recognize our own bondages, past and present.
We are all striving to be good, whole wives and husbands. This post talks about one way I’m trying to do better.
I’m guilty of placing limitations on myself and God by basing my success and significance on how fast or slow things are happening for me. Yeah, don’t do that. And read why!
I was queen of trying to defend myself. Now, I let God do the heavy lifting.
Too much finger pointing in the Body of Christ. Let’s stretch without breaking.
 Honorable Mentions:
I got a little personal here. But transparency is good. I think. 🙂
I’d bought the lies. The lies I told myself. The lies the world whispered to my heart. The lies the Devil used to steal my joy. And then, I decided to stop.

2 Replies to “Lists Are SO Cliche’ and Yet…Top Five Posts of 2013”

  1. Love this post! It is so true that we think our best work is done when we had plenty of time to think, plan and polish our intended message. Yet, it is my experience that when I think I failed, the responses I receive make me think they are talking about another class or lecture they attended! A truth revealed: just write and see what happens! I might have to tagline that one!

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