Dinner with Greatness


Sis. Toni and me. (My apologies for the graininess of these photos. Between the lighting and a cracked iPhone…well, this is what you get. 🙂 )


The three legendary laureates.


A Selfie with Sonia (What?!)

Yesterday evening was a defining moment for me as I had the wonderful opportunity to have dinner with Toni Morrison, Sonia Sanchez and Rita Dove prior to their show, Conversation and Song, for the First Person Arts Festival in Philadelphia.

I sat at those ladies feet and gleaned like Ruth in a field owned by Boaz.

One of the first books to truly capture me with language as a reader was Song of Solomon by Sis. Toni.
Sonia Sanchez’s poetry has sent my heart to near bursting on many days.
And Rita Dove’s work resonates deeply with me and my life’s journey.

I’m certain I will be sharing the nuggets of wisdom I received for years to come.

In fact, I felt something release in me, as it relates to my work as a writer, yesterday. I learned that it was possible for me to have a seat at “the table” and tell the stories God has given me in the way He’s gifted me. I learned that it was okay to be brilliant. To be authentically me (quirks and all) and to have some certainty on this journey.

In Sis. Toni’s words:

”Bit by bit … she had claimed herself. Freeing yourself was one thing; claiming ownership of that freed self was another.”



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