WHAT?! WEDNESDAY- Silent Sins: The Spirit of Misplaced Seed by John Gray

It’s. About. To Go. Down.

Today’s Guest Blog by John Gray will not only provoke thought. It is likely to surface conviction. Translation: Make some of y’all mad. LOL! But let’s talk about it. Do you agree or disagree? I’d love to hear your feedback. 

Silent Sins: The Spirit of Misplaced Seed
By John Gray
“But Onan knew that the heir would not be his; and it came to pass, when he went in to his brother’s wife, that he emitted on the ground, lest he should give an heir to his brother. And the thing which he did displeased the Lord; therefore He killed him also.” 

The church is in trouble. We’re too lazy. We’re too predictable. The enemy can time us like clockwork. 8 a.m. service, 10 a.m. service, 6 p.m. evening service. Friday night is youth night. Let’s throw in an occasional prayer shut-in. Watch a few movies. Eat a few hot dogs. Leave at 7 a.m. and go home and go to sleep. Annual days are outlined on a calendar so the enemy can see when and where and who to attack before those days come. And then we wonder why we hear the same speech after every one of those events. “The devil fought us the whole time!” Yeah he did. But how can he fight so hard from within. Unless he’s inside. But how does the enemy find his way into God’s church to move so freely? There’s something that’s been happening for years. It is the slow, secret erosion of holiness within the Body. I’m not talking about a denomination called holiness. Holiness is not a denomination. And the holiness church is not the only segment of the Christian population with a desire for holiness. And holiness is not to be defined as wearing white on First Sunday, or not wearing makeup or wearing long skirts. That’s silly. Everyone knows that there were still plenty of freaks in the holiness church too. At least that’s the way it was where I grew up. Outside stuff never is an indication of the inside heart. Holiness is not defined in external terms. It is the function of a heart that is totally devoted to the Lord and His word. From the inside commitment to God’s word will then spring forth an external manifestation.
But how do we get back to holiness? Where should we start?
Let’s start with the men.
Here’s the real deal. There are as many hos in the church as there are outside. I’m talking about the men. And the women feed that spirit. Loneliness creeps in and they allow men that they know are no good for them to come into their lives, steal some virtue, and then walk away. And then the women don’t tell anyone in the church what happened for fear of judgment and the guy rolls right on to the next broken woman, leaving his seed in miscellaneous condoms and flushed down hotel toilets and one bedroom apartments. The cycle is demonic and vicious and totally rampant within the church today. And you don’t have to sleep with a woman to mess her up. You can talk to a woman and give her better sex than she’s ever had in the natural. Sex is not physical. It’s spiritual. Then it’s natural. It’s cerebral and sensual at the same time. There are unspoken and mysterious levels of intimate exchange that occur within the sex act that are so deep and unexplainable that only the covenant of marriage can allow its full power to be actualized. God made it that way. But there is a pervasive, subversive unholy spirit that lingers in the hallways and family life centers of some of today’s churches. People socialize and do the dance in the parking lot, all the while knowing what it is they really want. It’s nasty and unholy and it is not being addressed in pulpits.
It is the spirit of misplaced seed.
Allow me to share a truth. One day I asked God why masturbation was wrong. God told me that the act of arousing oneself to the point of climax is not even the worst aspect of the sin. It is the results of actions. For men, there is a release of seed. Seed is supposed to go in the ground for cultivation and growth. Seed anywhere else is unproductive and therefore, no good for use. God doesn’t do anything unnecessary. Every seed has a place to go. And all seed won’t grow in all types of soil. Certain plants only grow in certain environments. The climate, the soil and the precipitation all lend themselves to certain optimum conditions for the growth of varying things. The seed of a man is to be sown into the womb of his wife. Period. There is no other way around it. I’ve even heard that some preachers are telling their congregants that it’s okay to masturbate, because at least you’re not hurting anyone else. It’s not biblical.
The Bible speaks against fornication, adultery, homosexuality, bestiality and sexual immorality. Sexual immorality encompasses all sexual sin outside of intercourse. And the lie that singular self-satisfaction doesn’t hurt anyone else is a total lie. I’ve confronted women who I could feel masturbated with me as the object of their fantasy. I would call them and ask them flat out. And you know what? It turned out I was right. I was nowhere around and could feel them pulling on me. Is that because I was in sin? No. It’s because sexual sin is that powerful. I know about the spirit of misplaced seed. I’m sure there are women who, if they could get to me, would ask me the same question that I asked some of those women. And I bet some of them would be right. I struggled with that thing since I was twelve. It is killing the integrity of the men of God. It’s more than mere fantasy. The Bible says that if you look on a woman to commit adultery, you’ve done it.
If you look.
That means a picture in the natural or in your mind. I was a secret phone sex guy. I never let on what was happening on my end of the phone, but it was happening nonetheless. And then I would hear later from that person that they felt strangely connected to me more than ever before. Why? Because an ungodly connection occurred and seed was released. God is about to expose the secret sins of those within the church, especially leadership, because this next wave of those who will accept Christ will walk in nothing less than full holiness and truth. And God will elevate leaders that will address the unholiness that plagues the church. God’s Name is on the Church! It must be holy!
In the scripture above, Onan was to give his seed to the wife of his dead brother so that his dead brother would have an heir in the earth. His brother’s name was Er. Er means ‘watchful’. Onan means ‘strong’, their father was Judah. His name means ‘praise’. God wanted to keep something going within the family line that only the power of a strong seed could produce. God wanted Praise to be succeeded in the next generation by men who were watchful and strong. But Onan decided to spill his seed on the ground. He chose the wrong ground. God killed him. That’s how important your seed is. That’s the nature of the punishment for this type of blatant disregard for the holiness and sanctity of not only God’s word, but also God’s plan. God uses people to get His will accomplished in this earth. Before we are men walking, we are a seed traveling. And inside of every seed is the DNA of God Himself, for we were created in His image and likeness.
When you misplace your seed, you attempt to throw God away. Women, when you run about sleeping with whomever you wish, you are allowing foreign seed to come into holy territory. That’s why your body rejects it. Some of you women reading this today have polyps and tumors and growths and discharges and pre-cancerous cells because of allowed-in illegal seed. That seed was never for your ground. And now only God can cleanse the land and rebuke the curse.

Some of you married women wonder why your husband can’t satisfy you. It’s because you exposed yourself to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and you ate the fruit. You knew what you were never supposed to know. You felt what you were never supposed to feel. And now the one that God had preordained for you cannot compare because your mind has not been renewed. Ask the Lord to cleanse you. Misplaced seed is not only a man’s problem. Do not entertain ungodly conversation. Don’t allow the mind to drift where the body and spirit can’t follow.
The church doesn’t address the consequences, emotional and spiritual of the spirit of misplaced seed. Let’s stop giving the world ammunition. Let’s fight for holiness at all costs. I’ll help you and you’ll help me. It’s not judgment that I’m after with this word. It’s exposure.
Be careful where you place your seed. It could mean the difference between life and death. 

John Gray is a minister of the Gospel. He’s also a singer/songwriter, actor and film producer. You can find him on the web at http://www.johngrayworld.com/ 

Genesis 38:9&10 NKJV

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