A Letter to My 20-year old Self: Part III

How funny is this pic? Oh to be in my twenties again…not!

Dear Tracey:

I want you to understand that when you are in college (or even just recently graduated) your relationships are a big part of your world. But as you are preparing to transition out of the college environment, these relationships, the organizations that you are a part of, become only a small part of who you are. It doesn’t mean that you don’t love your friends, your sorors, your life. It means that your world becomes much bigger and your priorities change. I know it’s hard to think that there will ever be at time when what paper you have to write, what young man you are “feeling,” or what you and your girls are getting into this weekend is not the most important thing…but there will.
In relationship (with friends or men), learn to choose your battles. Everything is not a fight. Some things are not really about you. Even if they are about you. Do you know what I mean? We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood but against powers that are much higher than us. There is a spiritual fight for you. And often times, mere humans are used as pawns in that fight. People will hurt you. It is a fact. How you respond to these hurts will make all the difference in the world. You must learn to shift. Shift your focus to what really matters.
I know it’s hard to do this when your convictions are strong. But just as strong should be your conviction to walk out God’s will and purpose for YOUR life and you can’t do that when you are caught up in what people are or are not doing to you or for you; your need to be validated by the people in your life. Again, shift your focus. Just like the rear-view mirror that says “objects are closer than they appear,” so it is with your future. Your future is closer than it may appear. Shift. Your. Focus. Seek the next step in your life as it relates to where you’ll live, what you’ll do, and the ministry God has given you. THIS should be your focus.
Bottom Line: Don’t take unnecessary hits in relationships. There will be enough necessary ones (necessary for your growth) to come. Guard your heart but keep it open to the Lord’s leading. I know that sounds difficult; crazy, even. But just remember: God has something so awesome for you. Something SO much bigger than what you can see right now. Walk in that. Live there.

As always,
36 years old


One Reply to “A Letter to My 20-year old Self: Part III”

  1. I remember when I went to college and how each year that passed from freshmen year to graduation that the world did seem to open up more and more to me. That transition for me was amazing and great, but it was a true struggle for my friends and "so called" friends back home who did not go to college. I was growing and changing based on my amazing experiences and the many diverse people I was around on a daily basis, but most of them lived a routine life. This really did impact our friendship and in some cases, separated many of them.

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