A Letter to My 20-year old Self: Part II

Dear Tracey:

Many times we make things more complicated than they have to be. We entangle ourselves trying to “figure” out God’s will for our lives. And while I believe He appreciates the effort, I sometimes feel like God is shaking His head at us and saying, “Child, be still. Go with what I gave you.” LOL! Like he told Moses when he questioned how he was going to free the Hebrew people. “What do you have in your hand?” He had a staff. You have your gifts, your education, etc. These are the resources He’s given you to accomplish his purpose for you.
I firmly believe that God honors steps of faith…even when we are uncertain of our direction. Sometimes God gives us a desire and like Abraham, he says, “Go.” He doesn’t say where…he doesn’t say how…he doesn’t say what. He says “Go.” And like Abraham…what you find is that AS YOU GO…God begins to direct your path. But he desires that step of faith. Yes, it may feel like wandering. But it is actually directional. When I look back over my…our…life, I can actually see God at work throughout every choice and decision, good or bad. I see the theme of our life and life’s work throughout it all. My only hope is that you realize this much sooner. I hope this even as I know you won’t. 🙂
Don’t be afraid to do what God has called you to do. That fear is a hindrance. You must be willing to step out in a direction in faith.
Now you don’t step out all willy-nilly like. LOL! That’s where this other stuff comes in.
Examine your motives. Are you going somewhere because you are running away (a recurring theme in our life)? Or do you need to get away…be set apart…so that you can clear your head and hear God clearly? The hard reality is…sometimes it’s both. But you have to make sure that the larger percentage lies in a desire to set yourself apart so that God can speak your next move to you. God will ALWAYS be faithful and use each move as an opportunity to move you closer to him and His purpose. You can’t lose with a Father like that.
Also, examine your efforts. Are you doing all that you can to obtain what you want? God provides for His vision so that’s often a way to tell whether or not it is within His will. What doors are opening? Which ones aren’t? Pay CLOSE attention to this.
If you don’t remember anything else, remember this: “Revelation comes after Obediance. Not the other way around.” Take the first step…out of obedience…and watch what will be revealed to you during the process!
With all my heart,
36 years old

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