Still Seeking/Moving Forward

There is one thing that I know for sure. We will never understand everything about God. And you know what? That’s a good thing. A very good thing. The truth is…I don’t want to worship a God I understand. If I, with my finite mind and breath in britches, could understand and reason God then how would he be any different than me? He wouldn’t. And that’s why I love Him. Because he is so BEYOND me. He sees what I can’t. It’s the mystery of Him…the incomprehensibility (is that a word?) that we mistakenly call contradiction and conflict…that makes Him even worthy of worship.
Oh…and the whole creating the universe and wrapping himself in flesh for a season so that he might die and rise and ultimately restore a broken humanity back to himself thing. Yeah. That was pretty dope, too. 🙂
Which leads me to wonder about the whole notion of seeking God. This very blog is named after this idea and I spend most of my writing time looking for Him behind my words. For the revelation in the mundane. Maybe even the mundane in the revelation.
So here is mine for today: The whole seeking thing is very good. Sure. You should be absolutely clear about the status of your salvation. But then as you walk this thing out, understand that God rejoices in us simply WANTING him. IN SPITE of the fact that the very words “want” and “desire” imply that there might be some imperfection; some places where we will fall short.
You see, having a desire for God, wanting to be close to Him and striving to do his will…is an absolutely wonderful place to be. As humans, I think that sometimes instead of enjoying the journey, we spend too much time looking for the destination. An end point. A place that we can point to and say that’s it; that’s where I’m going. Many of us are doing that now as the year closes and we revisit our goals. Spiritually, we have become like little kids in the backseat of our lives, screaming at God, “ARE WE THERE YET?” But I’ll go out on a limb and submit that none of that is necessary. When it comes to seeking God’s face, desiring his presence, it is important to know that the destination is not a place we will ever reach on this side. And that’s okay. God knows this. You should, too. So just sit back and enjoy the ride…bumps and all.
Of course, not knowing the specifics of the destination or finding yourself in perpetual seeking mode is certainly not an excuse to give up. There are blessings to be had as we move forward along life’s road.
Which leads me to this: Is the greatest travesty of our lives all of the inevitable stumbles we make along the way or is it when we stop desiring God altogether? We can recover from a fall but what happens when—because we frustrate ourselves with what we don’t understand about God—we sit down right where we are and refuse to move forward?
Are you just sitting there? Am I?
I would love your thoughts on this.
While you’re thinking…check out the song up above that inspired this post.

One Reply to “Still Seeking/Moving Forward”

  1. Amen. Amen. Amen. If you were sitting next to me right now, you would see me stand and raise my hands. Amen. I am a destination seeker and i am learning to let the journey (and all the bumps and bruises that come w/it) just come. I plan everything, and am now planning not for perfect days, but for finding joy in the sun or the rain. I hope that makes sense. Keep searching. Keep moving. I know that I will.

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