New Life vs. New Threads

I used to be the main one screaming at the top of her lungs about the commercialism of Easter. Ranting about how some church folk use this solely as an opportunity to show off fancy clothes instead of worshipping a risen Savior. Moaning about how department stores and companies take advantage of that fact.

And all of that, unfortunately, is true.

But recently I began to reconsider the symbolism of getting “extra” dressed up on Resurrection Sunday. In fact, now I kind of like the idea of this being the one Sunday when you wear your new garments. A Sunday where it doesn’t matter what you wore the days before. The newness of it all.

Because quite frankly, isn’t that what Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection really means? That an innocent man took our filthy rags, washed them in his blood, and now, through Him, we are brand new. It didn’t matter what we did before, what we looked like before. If we accept what he did in these three days…we are eligible to receive His “new” life.

So if you so choose… go ahead and rock your new threads this Sunday! Just make sure that the newness of your outside matches what has occurred on the inside. And if doesn’t? Just holla at your girl offline and I’ll hook you up! 🙂

Happy Resurrection Sunday!!!



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