A New Day

Spring is here! So instead of me going on and on about something or another, I’ve decided to post a poem. So here goes…

A New Day

As day breaks
my being awakes
to the sound of it.

The sun rises
and begins to spin tales
of my people who have gone to live beyond the clouds.
each limb I stretch toward an unseen satisfaction
and I wait.

And pray.

And wait.

Pray, wait, pray, wait
Until it washes over my soul like a spring shower
Filling me with pure joy
Like chocolate milk to baby boys
Like candlelit dinners or romantic gazes from my king
Like writing checks that never bounce
And having cupboards that are never bare

It baptizes me in its purity
And I stand at my bedside ready to face
all of that which will bring me back to slumber
that which will exhaust even the reserves that reside in my heart

“Now I lay me down to sleep”
My dreams are the bridge to the new joy that lies on the other side of night
And I look forward to being filled once more
in the morning with peace.

(c) 2008 – Tracey Michae’l Lewis


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