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I know, I know. I haven’t posted in awhile. I could say that I’ve been super busy but I don’t think that is a valid excuse anymore because truthfully, you’re busy too, right? Right. And yet you still check in to see what or if I’ve posted. (note my look of pure gratitude)
But I can say that I have some good stuff in the works. Yes, that means that I’m not posting all of that good stuff today. But it does mean that it is coming soon. Very soon.
In the meantime, I decided to take a moment and honor a few of the blogs that I READ on a weekly, if not daily, basis. As not to offend all of my writer friends out there, I must say that this is not an exhaustive list. There are plenty of spots that I visit occasionally on the web…these just happen to be a few of my favs. Some are writing/publishing industry related, other are the blogs of the writers themselves. Some are Christian, others…well others, not so much (guilty pleasures). I won’t tell you which is which so if you are sort of Pharisee-like, you may not want to click randomly. 🙂
All are either informative, revelatory, or just plain out hilarious. Enjoy!

In no particular order…

Blog of Author Claudia Mair Burney

Blog of Chip Macgregor, Literary Agent and Publishing Industry Professional

The Master’s Artist Blog

Blog by Writer Denene Milner

Blog by Writer, Mary Demuth

Blog by Neysa Taylor

Blog by Writer, Humorist Jon Acuff

Blog by Writer/Editor, Mitzi Miller

Blog by Writer/Journalist, Aliya S. King

Six Figure Sisters

Blog by Writer, Cherlyn Michaels

Blog by Writer, Shon Bacon

Blog by Christian PR/Media Professional, Dee Stewart

The Novel Journey

Blog of CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing, Michael Hyatt

Be Excellent (Entrepreneurship)

Blog by author/ministry professional, Kem Meyer


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