Born to Wash Cars

Everyone knows that I’m an advocate for the small business owner. Shoot, I AM ONE! And in my other life, I work in small business and economic development. So imagine how I felt when I turned the corner in my Germantown neighborhood and saw the sign up top.

Wow! A young brother had rented a small garage, put up his sign, and every morning was passing out flyers to cars that drove by, marketing his car wash and detailing service.

But…wait on it…did you check the last line of his sign?

“Born to Wash Cars”

That moved me beyond measure. In fact, I tear up everyday that I drive past it now. Not only was the young man an entrepreneur but he was clear about what he was “born” to do. Now to all of us with our degrees and pedigree, washing cars may not seem like much of a purpose to have in life. But who are we to really judge that? How many people will this young man touch, how many days might be lifted by him simply providing them a quality service with a smile?

I’ve found that many of those same people who would look down on this young man as they head to their high powered jobs are the ones who five, ten, fifteen, years from now will look back and wish they’d discovered what they were really born to do. Instead of what they were told to do, what they thought they should to do, what they believe they had to do, or worse, what paid the most money at the time.

Even myself…master’s degree and all…knows that the thing that I was CALLED to do, the one thing I’d do whether I was paid or not (don’t get it twisted, you still have to buy my books! LOL)…is write. God gave that to me and I’m so grateful. I was born to do it and my blog, my books, etc. is my own sign proclaiming it to the world.

What about you? God said he knew you, formed your inner being, even as He knit you in your mother’s womb (Psalms 139:13).
What has He called you to do? What were you born to do?

So where’s your sign?

Grace & Peace,
—–>Headed around the corner for a wash and wax 🙂

2 Replies to “Born to Wash Cars”

  1. Great post! First, any job or career that does not compromise one's self or others shouldn't be looked down on. Anyone who laughs at car washers, garbage men, janitors, etc. wouldn't be laughing it they didn't exist. And this young man may have more control over his life and future than most white collar workers. And there is peace of mind in knowing what you were born to do and doing it. I'm like you in feeling I was born to write. And I need to get back to it. 🙂

  2. I love this post. I am still searching for that thing i was born to do. But a life of service is a life worth living. If this many has found that this humble service eases the burden off others and feeds his sense of purpose, then he is better off than most.

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