A Word from the Lord (Yes, that’s EXACTLY what I said)

Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren’t you far more valuable to him than they are? – Matt. 6:26 NLT
Take a moment and look out your window. Yes, you. Wherever you are, look at the birds outside your window. Watch them fly. What do you see beyond their feathers?

Notice how they trust Me. You’ve heard that before from Me, right?

And guess what? They are truly free. I don’t necessarily tell them how high they should fly either. I bet you are surprised by that, huh? Don’t be. The birds fly as high as their wingspan (the very thing I gave them at birth) will allow them to. And for the rest, they trust Me. They trust that they will find food. They trust the process of migration from one place in their lives to the next. They are relational, sometimes fiercely protective to the point of sacrifice. And…they are beautiful. Awesomely beautiful.

They don’t necessarily scream (or squawk-lol), “Look at me, I am beautiful!” Their beauty comes out when they are doing what they were meant to do. What they were designed and purposed to do. When they are walking out their calling and taking care of their own, you find them incredibly stunning, right? You marvel at them. Well, Me too. I marvel at them. They are My creation and yet I still marvel at them. They are so small in comparison to the vastness of earth and yet so incredibly important to its landscape.

So, if them…than why not you?

You are My creation. Release the stuff that hinders you (your mind, your past, your flesh) and just FLY. Fly as far as you can. Fly as high as the stuff that I put inside you at your conception will allow you to fly. Take care of your own…fiercely and sacrificially.

In others words, Trust Me.

You are beautiful and I marvel at you. Others marvel at you, too. Don’t fly against the wind that I send to direct your course. The birds don’t. In fact, they listen for it. The wind, I mean. They sniff it out. They WANT to know its direction so they seek it out. The same way you should seek Me.

Maybe it’s something else that stops you from flying.

I know. Maybe it’s because your mother stayed grounded. She allowed her wings to be clipped by life. Maybe it’s your grandmother. She did fly for a season but unfortunately, she allowed her habits and rebellion to ground her later on in her journey. But their plight does not have to be yours, you know. You are a chosen generation. Be the interruption in your bloodline.

So what about you? How will you fly? Will you soar as high as your gifts will allow and be guided by My Spirit the rest of the way? Or will you allow fear, control, rejection, depression…the enemy of your body, soul, and spirit keep you from seeing high you can go in Me?


So...your thoughts?

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