The Gift, The Giver, and My Aspiration as a Writer

It’s one thing to be gifted or called to do something. It’s quite another thing to be clear about where that gift or calling comes from; its origination, if you will. We see gifted people all the time, right? People in which it is abundantly clear that they have been called to do a certain thing. Sing. Dance. Teach. Write. But we’ve also seen those same people be seemingly unaware of the connection between the awesome-ness of their gift and The Giver, God. I believe that it is the true understanding and acceptance of the relationship between the gift and Giver that ultimately adds power to that gift. That turns it from talent to anointing. That gives it the ability to not just inspire but motivate. To change hearts and minds.

Here is an example of the difference. You have someone who can sing. I mean, sang. Blow. Belt. Whatever you want to call it. This person moves their audience to tears but after the show, that’s it. Their song is just a memory. Then you have the person who has made the connection between the beautiful tonality of their voice and the God who gave it to them and who with great sensitivity manages to dig beneath the words and melodies to find the intangible strings that are attached to your soul. They are what we believers like to call “anointed” and their voice doesn’t just move you for a moment. It transforms you. It makes you want to change. To be better; whatever better looks like to you. You have more than an emotional response to their song. An unearthing occurs. A shift happens. You can’t always be certain what has occurred, only that something has and you’ll never be the same.

That’s what I aspire to do as a writer. To not just be good with words. To not just move people with stories that only sit on the surface of their minds. I want to write stuff that sticks. Because when something, good or bad, is stuck in your soul, it is bound to change you.

Again, just a thought. 🙂



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