No more "eye" problems

Did you know that so many of us have “eye” problems? Even if you don’t wear glasses, you might suffer from a problem with your sight. When it comes to our destiny, many of us are far-sighted. When it comes to our circumstances, a bunch of us are near-sighted. In each case, however, God needs to be where we find our clarity…He is our glasses, if you will allow me a little room to stretch the metaphor.

I know, I know. I can hear you saying it now. What in the world are you talking about Tracey?

Well, this is the thing. In a recent episode of Tea Time with Tracey, I discussed purpose and how sometimes the early perversion of our natural gifts leaves us wandering around in search of something that has always been inside of us. I began to think about that more and it dawned on me, as a long time four-eyes, that the way God functions in our lives is very much like what happens to a person whose sight is compromised in some kind of way.

A Far-sighted person has the ability to see with clarity things that are far away but cannot see with clarity things that are up close. This, I think, is a perfect example of what happens in our pursuit of purpose and destiny. The reality is that God wants us to be able to dream. To have a vision and desire for what we would like to do that’s in alignment with His Word and His will. I sooooo love that about my Father. That he shapes us even in our dreaming. That he allows us see ourselves years from now doing that very thing that he placed in us as a child. For me, my dream is that my books and writing would transform the minds and hearts of millions of people and that my business will grow into both a successful and significant global enterprise. However, if I’m honest with you, my dreams are much clearer in the distance than in my current situation. In short, I know what I wanted and what God has promised me, but sometimes what I need to be doing and saying and being in the moment can be blurry.

But as I said before, when we allow God to be the lens through which we see things than the things that are in my immediate sight, those things that I need to be doing and thinking are much clearer, much more in focus.

However, our circumstances work in reverse; we are naturally near-sighted (seeing clearly things that are closer but not being able to see things far away) when it comes to our everyday situations. When trials and tribulations come OR even when we are in a season of blessings and overflow, the “right now” is often very clear for us. If things are bad, and I know they are for many people now, then it is easy to be focused on what’s happening in the moment. The bills aren’t paid, the man left you, you lost your job, etc. It’s easy to get caught up and consumed by the present and find yourself accepting the future as blurry and out of focus.

But the same thing happens in a good season, a season of triumph. We can also become consumed by our present blessings and success and forget that there are things we must do to maintain that over the long term. We stop planning and we stop praying. We also forget that trials come as a test of our faith, to elevate us. If we only focus on the nice house, nice car, and good job that we have now, and never see our future clearly, then if or when God decided to strip that from you for a season…in order to grow you or elevate you…we will fall apart.

God must also be our lens in our near-sightedness as well. When the long term is blurry and, because of our circumstances, our future is out of focus, God can step in and give us the clarity needed to endure…or surrender… our present situations.

The bottom line is that being far-sighted when it comes to our purpose and destiny and near-sighted when it comes to our situations and circumstance is a very natural thing. It is a protective measure of flesh. But we know that operating out of our flesh is not a good thing. When it comes to your destiny, satan wants to keep you so consumed by the dream but not doing the steps necessary to achieve it. When it comes to your present circumstances, he wants to keep you consumed by temporary situations to keep you from being able to overcome or surrender. However, those of us who confess Christ as our Lord and Savior, know that we should walk in the Spirit. You’ll find that by walking in the Spirit, your sight will begin to change. You’ll see in the spirit, also. Which is another way of saying that we will consistently view our life and the lives of others through new Godly lenses.

Those of us who wear glasses now, have often been told by our eye doctor’s that the eyes are very close to the brain and what we see through our eyes is processed very quickly by our brain. Well, think of what I’m saying this way. With God’s corrective lenses, we become that much closer to having, as the bible says, the mind of Christ, and seeing ourselves and others as God sees us.

2 Replies to “No more "eye" problems”

  1. Tracey,Your point is well taken. Though we may know God’s journey for us, the immediate moment definitely can become quite blurry. However, we must remember, it is satan’s job to distract and keep us as far away from our relationship with God as possible. On the other hand, every negative is not necessarily due to satan’s tactics. Sometimes, it is due to our lack of dedication, commitment, organization skills, procrastination, etc. It is important to do our best (notice I did not say “stay”) to be prayed up. We are not perfect and God takes that into consideration. We can only do our best to achieve the goal that God has for us.Very good point that you have raised. 🙂

  2. Presious says: On the other hand, every negative is not necessarily due to satan’s tactics. Sometimes, it is due to our lack of dedication, commitment, organization skills, procrastination, etc. You are absolutely right. I think many times we give satan some undue credit. We are quick to say the “devil made me do it.” When in all actuality, it was our own lack of preparation, determination, persistance, etc. Sometimes we are in our OWN way.

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