Tea Time with Tracey: An "Ouch" Moment

Wow! I appreciate everyone’s feedback on the first episode. Here goes today’s entry…

2 Replies to “Tea Time with Tracey: An "Ouch" Moment”

  1. Tracey, your “Ouch” video truly ministered to be me today. As a newly wed I have been working very hard on this very thing. I have this thing about people being ill informed about something even more so with my husband. There are times that something could have been said or even done and he would totally forget about it so I feel like I have remind him of whatever happen… especially if was something said or done pertaining to us. However, I recently have been seeking God’s aid in this matter because I know it is not a healthy thing and no one wants to feel like you”re always trying to prove them wrong… especially one’s husband. So I appreciate you wisdom and transparency on this subject matter. It is bad enough that society depicts women as being naggers and always telling their man when he’s wrong for this is the norm and is excepted…However, as a woman of God I know that I seek God’s wisdom especially on this matter. Thank you sis! A blessing in this lesson indeed! 🙂

  2. Hi Tracey,I came across your blog while looking at another blog. I found the subject An Ouch Moment interesting because, too often people feel they “have” to be right. As the Word says, there’s a time and place for everything. Sometimes, in that moment, is not the time to proclaim being right. There are reasons for another person to be the way they are. Sometimes it becomes necessary to discuss the issue at another time. It is not always about “us” in situations. THe stronger person is the one who should be able to step aside and let the situation be handled or let the situation happen. Being a Christian, I had a huge ouch moment when a commentator whose name escapes me right now, openly admitted he was an antheist. Though I know there are people who simply do not believe there is a one and only God, it just shocked me when he said it without stuttering, explaining, or anything. Hope I didn’t bable for too long. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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