Lack of Preparation begats Pressure and Fear

I’m participating in a conference right now (Thursday, Oct. 30) called “The Eagles Gathering for Vision Casting Leadership Conference.” The workshop that I’m presenting is on “Community and Economic Development in the Faith-based community.” The focus is discovering how the body of Christ can marry the basic spiritual functions of the church with the church’s accountability to the community and I must say… we have some work to do. I have some work to do. One of the lunch speakers said something that has forever changed my way of thinking..about my role in the community, about the call that is on my life, and is rooted in the notion that fear and pressure does not have to play such a significant role in my consistency in the God-ordained tasks I have to accomplish. What do I mean?

Well, the speaker said that “A person that feels pressure or anxiety when positioned to do something, feels that pressure because he or she does not know what they’re doing…or at the very least, doesn’t know that they know.”

Here was his example. If any of us were asked to stand in front of a million people and answer the question “what is your name?” we would not feel pressure, anxiety, or even a lack of confidence. Why? Because we know, without a shadow of doubt, our name. In other words, pressure and anxiety and fear when trying to accomplish a task generally comes when there is a lack of preparation. When you haven’t fully invested the time and consistency necessary to do what you need to do. OR you actually underestimate the value of the knowledge you already have and the preparation you’ve already done.



So...your thoughts?

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