Overcomer: Writing My Protest

We shall overcome
We shall overcome
Deep in my heart, I do believe…

…that with this pen, I must write my protest.

I can’t stand before audiences
with loud words and sound bites
illogical pontification on the state of the darker nation
Nor can I attempt to intellectualize the plight or
evade the reality of my community

I am CALLED to simply write my protest
penning my struggle with a
spiritual translation of ancestral tales

Examining our lives and pursuing justice with every single stroke
Pouring love and courage and sacrifice into metaphoric allegories

I write my vision
in every poem…
in every story…
in every play and film…

Some say power to the people
I say power to the pen
for in the end…it is the God’s gift to me.
and my duty…

to address discrimination
to prevent mental castration
to address the attempted bastardization
of God’s melanation.
to encourage self actualization
with every dictation
to denounce the political constipation
that exists in this nation
while uplifting future generation
through consistent education
and to ponder a revelation
to avoid damnation.
I can defy undercover segregation
and support reparations
while restoring the church’s obligations
to a community transformation

I must write innovation
I must write inspiration
I must write motivation
I must share my SALVATION.
It is my duty.

Quietly as I sit and listen and write.
Holy Spirit verbalizes and synchronizes my poetic ramblings
as though God was doing his to and fro thing
right then. right there. right here.

My protest is penned with a sincere eye towards freedom.
And with more of that freedom comes my continued responsibility to write

deep in my heart, I do believe

That I must pick up this pen…
and write my protest


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