As I’m preparing for my wedding day (Yes, I’m getting married in less than three weeks!), and more importantly, marriage, I’m finding myself coming face to face with, well, me. It’s been a long time since I’ve consciously looked into my own eyes and attempted to deeply understand, love, and accept the woman who stared back at me. How do I empower the little, brown girl from Louisville, KY with big ideas and even bigger dreams? How do I keep her going, trusting God with that same wide eyed innocence, 33 years later? God, in this season, has been revealing to me the need to depend on Him for those things broken in me instead of depending on my fiancé, or anyone else for that matter, to fix me. My man loves me and, in our marriage, he will cover, protect, and support me. But he will not be able to fix me. Love covers a multitude of sins but God is the One who heals. It’s important that all of us take a long look in the mirror and ask God to show us ourselves. Reveal to us the areas of brokenness in our lives so that we can begin the journey toward wholeness. We want to be whole in our relationships, romantic or otherwise, because it will be our wholeness that will be our witness, our testimony, to those who don’t know Christ.


One Reply to “Preparation/Change/Elevation”

  1. Congratulations on the upcoming marriage.I totally believe that God heals, but I also believe that humans heal us too. Not that we should depend on them or force them to do it, but I totally believe that good friends, a loving husband, can heal and bad friends and an unloving husband can harm. God bless you in your marriage. -C

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