The Contagiousness of Commitment

I’m finding out something that I’d never known before. That once you make a commitment to God and yourself in one area of your life, it is very difficult for that sense of engagement to not carry over into other areas of your life. For instance, because I have four months before I get married, I have been busting my butt to get to the gym and to work out. Now, granted…if I’m honest, I should have been consistently going to the gym years ago. But that’s not the point… 🙂

The point is… since I’ve been going regularly, I find myself being more accountable to myself in non-gym related areas. It’s like I tell myself…”Tracey, if you can be dedicated in this area, then you can do it in that one.” So instead of waiting to the last minute to work on a freelance writing assignment, I do it a little earlier and, shockingly, things are easier. This, of course, sort of debunking my whole “I work better under pressure” philosophy/excuse.

So I say… commit to doing one thing with consistency. It could be anything. And watch, as my own internal observations have shown, how your desire to be committed and consistent elsewhere increases.

In Him,


So...your thoughts?

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