Phoenix – Part I

Phoenix, Arizona – Part One

I wish I could say that my stay out west has just been about getting a break and visiting my sisterfriend. It has been so much MORE than that. This trip has been about breakthrough. Not just rest…but restoration, the kind that only my heavenly Father could give me. It has been about the scales being removed from my eyes and my ability to truly see how much God loves me and what I, through him, am capable of. I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, I’ve reflected and I know that I will not be returning to Philly the same. And this is a very good thing.

Besides marveling at the cactus the size of oak trees, the vast desert with awesome red rock formations that didn’t look like any mountains I’d ever seen before, and my 2,889 ft climb up a mountain peak (YES! You heard me!), I, more than anything, have spent time hearing God. I’ve spent time connecting with the Creator in such a way that I’m both humbled and energized by basking in His presence. Can you imagine hiking up to the top of a mountain peak, something that you’d never thought you’d be capable of doing (this sista struggles to make it to the gym), and worshipping God with your tongue and your pen…and with your whole heart?

We prayed in a small chapel that was embedded at the top of the rock mountains in Sedona and, though I can’t exactly explain it, God smile on me. It was all good.

Everything that I’ve encountered here in Phoenix and Sedona has been a metaphor for MY life and I’m so full that I can’t explain it all. I don’t even know if I’m supposed to. As my sweetheart Will said to me on the phone, I don’t need validation, I can’t make anyone feel what I feel about this, this one was for me. Thank you, Bay.

But there is a testimony growing and I can’t wait to see what God has in store.

There are some things that I will leave here because they cannot go with me into this season and new, closer walk with my Daddy. There are other things that I will bring home so that the revelations and restorations that He has seen fit to bestow will not be in vain. And so that they all can be put to action for His glory.

So look for more entries as I slowly process this life-changing, spirit-renewing, experience.

In Christ,


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