A Lesson from the Sunrise

I’m currently away at a conference in Ocean City, MD and in addition to the all-day sessions, thinktanks and roundtables I’m participating in, I am also finding a little time to just sit back and…well, breathe. In fact, I was standing on my tiny balcony this morning and I looked at the ocean on one side and the bay on the other and marveled at the awesome-ness of God and both the absolute beauty and the complex simplicity in His creation. I know that is an oxymoron but that is truly the only way I can explain it.

As the waves crash the shore and the sky becomes streaked with the golden red hues of a rising sun, there is a rhythm and a order, a sense of purpose to it that can’t be duplicated. When each entity is operating in its own vein, ever-mindful of the other but never trying to take over a role that it wasn’t designed for…the ebb and flow seems simple and much easier. The ocean doesn’t try to do what the sun does and the sun doesn’t try to do what the sand does. But each moves to an internal rhythm designed by God and each operates in its own gift so that, in the end, the results are a beautiful, beach sunrise that is marvelled at by people like me…not necessarily because of the individual contribution of the ocean, sun, sand, and air but because of how they make me feel when they all work together.

God allowed nature to teach me something today about how to live my life. Thank you, Lord. For the lessons and for the peace.



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