Right thing/Wrong time

How many times has God promised us something and then when it appears that the promise is going to be fulfilled, everything fails?

I’ve been there more times than I really care to admit. But what I realize is that the failure is not in the promise. God didn’t suddenly change His mind and retract his word to us. More often than not, the failure was in listening for the timing of God. Sometimes God is saying, “Yes, I’m going to give you . Just not right now.” And we assume that because He said it, then it is going to happen immediately. We buy into the immediate gratification doctrines being preached in some of our churches today where we only hear “Name it and Claim it” and we forget that we have to “Wait for God to bring it pass.”

My journey is filled with many of God’s promises that I tried to fulfill myself and therefore failed miserably because…oh, yeah, right…I’m not God. So now I try to follow the cloud… to move when God says move. It’s hard. But I have to do it.

I read this in a book, “…The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing. Mountain moving faith operates in God’s timing, not ours.”




So...your thoughts?

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