Prepare for Rain

I’m reading this awesome book – Prepare for Rain by Michael Catt. Here is a passage that speaks directly to the crossroads in which I stand in my life (More on that in my next blog).

In the movie, Facing the Giants, Grant Taylor, a discouraged football coach at Shiloh Christian Academy, gets an unexpected spiritual lesson from Mr. Bridges, a prayer warrior. When the coach tells Mr. Bridges “I just don’t see God at work here,” the prayer warrior responds with a story.

“Grant, I heard a story about two farmers who desperately needed rain. Both of them prayed for rain, but only one of them went out and prepared his fields to receive it. Which one do you think trusted God to send the rain?”

“Well, the one who prepared his fields for it.”

“Which one are you? God will send the rain when He is ready. You need to prepare your field to receive it.”

My God.



One Reply to “Prepare for Rain”

  1. That is so amazing! You know how many times in our christian walk we go around asking God to fo some big thing in our lives and we never prepare to see them happen!! How faithless are we??? That quote really has been on my mind…I actually came accross your blog while looking for something about that quote to send out a challenge to my christian friends! God bless you…Prepare for it!!

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