The Big Idea – JESUS.

I’ve admitted before that in my fascination of the current presidential election, I’ve been reluctant to express my views in the blog…not wanting to take away the Christ-centric, inspirational, testimonial-based nature of my writing. Yet, this article written in the New York Times by Bob Herbert (Where’s the Big Idea? Feb. 9, 2008), really struck me.

“But for all its upside, there is something important missing from this year’s presidential campaign. In an era that cries out for real change, John McCain, the presumptive G.O.P. nominee, is selling himself to voters not as the maverick he may once have been, but as a faithful follower of policies the country should be eager to discard.

With the Democrats, we seem obsessed with whether Senator Obama can get his new voters to the polls, and whether Senator Clinton can keep enough cash coming in, and whether there’s an inch or an inch-and-a-half’s worth of difference between their positions on health insurance and the war in Iraq.

Where, in this alleged season of change, is the big idea?

What’s missing in this campaign is a bold vision of where the United States should be heading in these crucially important early years of the 21st century. In their different ways, Senators Clinton and Obama have shown themselves to be inspirational and at times even heroic figures. But neither has offered the vision that this moment in history demands.

We’re excited more by who they are than by what they’ve promised to do.” – Herbert

This may seem a bit simplistic or even somewhat naive but wouldn’t it be great if the “BIG IDEA” that swept the nation was the real acceptance and realization of all parties that without God, a confession of faith in Jesus Christ, and a dedication to the holiness of the Bible, we can never really change in a way that will make the ultimate difference in the lives of the citizens of this country and the world.

A Fine Line, But a Line Nevertheless
Change = A One Time Redirection
Tranformation = A Lifelong Renewal

God calls us to more than change. He calls us to transformation. He didn’t say to just change your mind because changing your mind only requires the strength of man. He calls for a transformation; a renewal which only comes through the strength of God.



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