A Body Neglected is Useless at Best

I’m realizing more and more the importance of being fit for the Kingdom. Mentally, Emotionally, Psychologically, Spiritually…and yes, Physically fit.

In my pursuit of the things of God, of my destiny…I have forgotten about the vessel that will get me there. Trust me. If you don’t take care of yourself, you will pay for it. I am or, I was. Today I made some steps toward a better physical me. Yesterday was the last straw.

I found myself literally unable to move. Or not wanting to. My back hurt. My neck hurt. My head ached. My mind was racing. Arthritis had set in. I was tired but couldn’t sleep. A serious Spirit of Restlessness hovered over me.

And its not that I don’t know what to do. It’s not even that I don’t want to do it.

I can only liken the way felt to a person who has some important places to go and so they go out to their car only to find that the car won’t start. That what I felt like. I wanted to work out, eat better, de-stress and I knew what I needed to do in order to do that…but I couldn’t make my body go. I’d reached exhaustion.

But no more. I share this because I know that many of you will hold me accountable now. And I”m going to need that. No more. I have to keep God as my head and me as a priority in order to accomplish the calling that is on my life. Otherwise I’m useless to God and the Kingdom.



So...your thoughts?

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