A Rude Awakening

Over the last year or so, I’ve learned something about how I was approaching my calling. The fact of the matter is I’d spent alot of time striving in areas where I was skilled but not necessarily gifted in order to receive recognition from man and not God. Yes, I have an MBA and I’ve been trained in business but that is not where my gifts lie and that was a rude awakening for me. Now that I’m writing and speaking, I feel a release…as if now that I’m walking in the fullness of God’s plan for my life, I have the opportunity to truly be a blessing to others.



2 Replies to “A Rude Awakening”

  1. hello. I’m so glad i found your website or you found me. I feel the same way. I have been writing my own songs and poems for year some of which has been dicarded and now i feel so strongly the leading of the Holy Spirit to write again and I have abd so far one of my poems have been published in a local magazine. It is so amazing.He’s even linke dme up with someone who can help me with copyrighting. It seem it’s all falling into place. By the way I am a nurse in St. Lucia. I’ve been striving for accolades from man and now God is bringing a shift to my life. Amen

  2. “Rude”? Perhaps…if WE stubbornly hold onto to what WE want instead of hungering for & holding onto what HE wants to give us. Ah, but nothing beats the blessing of “awakening”, of “knowing”…unless it’s the blessing of simply surrendering and DOING it. Be well!

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