The First Black President?

I’ve been wrestling with whether I wanted to discuss the current political issues and election in the blog. The conclusion I came to is that my awareness and interest in the political state of my country cannot be isolated from the Christ-centric nature of this blog if I want to remain truthful. So maybe I will ponder some things and get back to you on it…

In the meantime, I have to admit that I was a bit disturbed by one line of questioning in the Democratic debate on Tuesday night. What is the deal with this whole idea of Pres. Bill Clinton being the first Black president? Huh?

Is this what it has come down to? Doesn’t that make a mockery of what it would mean to actually have someone of color in that office? The worse thing is…this mockery is coming from African American people who I believe have subconsciously accepted the fact that, in their minds, a Black man or woman, would never be president.

All I kept thinking is… what if I was running for president of uh, let’s say, the Philadelphia Wonderful Writers for Jesus Coalition (not a real organization)…and I received a positive response to my platform by white voters? What if my ideals and views resonated with white people…even moreso than with black voters?

Would that make me the first White president of PWWJC in spite of the fact my experiences (good, bad, or indifferent) are inevitably defined by my being Black (Just Clinton’s were defined by his being white)?

Probably not.

In fact, it would most likely be those same African American’s who are touting Bill Clinton as being our first Black President who’d be calling me Uncle Tom.

I respect Bill Clinton. I respect those who feel about him the way they do. I just think it is ridiculous. And to pose it in a debate? super-ridiculous.

Yeah, I guess I should stay away from politics in the blog. 🙂



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