Never Good Enough: Not necessarily a self-esteem issue

I think I take myself too seriously sometimes.

God must be looking down on me and saying, “Are you kidding me? This is so not about you, Tracey.”

In fact, I’ve come to realize that God is very much aware of who He’s called. He knows my shortcomings better than me. Which begs the question…why in the world does God always ask us to do things that seem beyond our realm of capability? The short answer is, “For His Glory.” But I read something that added some perspective and truly blessed me. I’m not sure of the author and its related to women but I think it applies across the board.

“Does God expect more than a woman can give? Yes, He does. He requires behavior that demands superhuman strength. He expects a woman to have attitudes that are beyond her abilities. He maintains standards that she can never measure up to.”

Just the realization and acceptance of this, helps me understand just how much God wants us solely dependent on Him. We can’t do it by ourselves! We will never be “good enough” to accomplish true greatness. Isn’t that freeing? It doesn’t mean that we should look down on ourselves or put ourselves down… we are still joint heirs with the King of Kings. But it helps us put our limitations into a global perspective. God allows things, people, circumstances to challenge and stretch us beyond our natural, finite ability to deal with it because He wants us depend on his majestic and magnificent power to overcome or accomplish a task. He makes it so we HAVE to acknowledge his part and give Him ALL the glory. And when we fall short, his understanding and loving grace and mercy kicks in. On my good days and yes, even on my bad days, God is still Holy and His goodness still applies to me.

Just think! This leaves it open for us to do great things because its not really us doing it but Him doing it through us.


So...your thoughts?

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