Thinking about Destiny

Personally, I think that those who don’t believe in destiny, purpose and other so-called meaningless concepts are generally those who never overcame enough of their own fears and circumstances to see their own fulfilled. So I began to think about the whole idea of “destiny”…

People always say that they are trying to reach their destiny. However, if the Bible says that tomorrow is not promised to us and that the phrase “God Willing” should preface all of our statements regarding our plans, then we should all revisit our notions of purpose and destiny. The fact of the matter is, our destiny is now. It’s what you are doing today that will impact tomorrow should you live to see it. It’s what you are doing today to give God the glory and honor that will ultimately impact the Kingdom tomorrow whether or not you live to see it. And even if you don’t, it is still will be what you do today that will set the stage and leave the legacy for what your children will do tomorrow. Don’t pursue destiny. Don’t pursue purpose. It’s not anything that we should be chasing. It exists with us. So…walk in it! Destiny and purpose is now!

This has become my mantra in alot of ways…
“I don’t mind leaving this earth with a million failures as long as I don’t leave here with one regret. ” – TML


So...your thoughts?

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