Understanding God

I don’t think that God minds that I’m always trying to understand Him. Relationship ignites a powerful and passionate expectation. For instance, generally my relationship with my friends, my family, my boyfriend encourages a certain expectation that they are are going to do what they say they are going to do and they are going to love me in a certain way. I think the same goes with my relationship with God. There is a certain expectation that I have of Him because I have decided to have an intimate relationship with Him. I trust that he is going to do what He said he is going to do and that His love for me will be as infinite as His very existence. Because of this expectation and combined with my humanity, I think it is natural for me to be constantly seeking understanding in the way he chooses to direct my life. I’ll admit to wanting to know why or how he plans to accomplish the purposes of my life. It doesn’t mean that He always tells me or that things are revealed in the timeframe I’d like…but, just like in our earthly relationships, as we become closer through my seeking, I begin to be able to anticipate Him…because of my familiarity with His word and His works in my life.

I also realize that you will lose your mind if you try to solely understand God intellectually. In fact, I think a God that you can reason fully is not much of a god. However, I do think God created man to be critical thinkers and to be inquisitive…that is the foundation of wisdom. Just like a father who is not angered or unnerved by the questions of a small child…God also welcomes our wonder of His greatness.


So...your thoughts?

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