Back in the Day…

I’ve been reminiscing, y’all. Big time. I’m sure if you are like me and grew up in the eighties and early nineties (Shout out to the class of 93!), some of this is familiar to you. Email me to add to the list.
leg warmers
Parachute pants
Asymetric Bob Hairstyles
Kwame Polka Dot shirts
British Knights
Big Daddy Kane vs. LL Cool J
Biker shorts
Blue Jeans with writing across the bottom like “Poison.” (huh?)
The Wop
The Smurf (a dance for all my people down south)
FAME (You want fame? Well, Fame costs!)
Atari (Pacman, Galaga, Centipede, Pong)
Going to Mammoth Cave or the Falls of the Ohio EVERY SINGLE YEAR in grade school (That one is just for my people down in Kentucky)
My mom watching Dallas, Knots Landing, Dynasty, and Falcon Crest (I forgot, who shot J.R.?)
Rapping and Beatboxing in the cafeteria…or the bathroom because it sounded better (I didn’t know anything about acoustics then.)
Getting Chips, Pop, and a sausage with onions and mustard between Black Achievers meeting and Choir Rehearsal on Saturday (that’s also for my people in Louisville, KY)

Can you believe that I actually belonged to a group of girls who called themselves “Pink Ladies” (go Grease lightning!)

Even worse, can you believe that I had a Thriller and a Beat It jacket?

BTW, Who knew that LeVar Burton was prophet? LOL I really think the show Reading Rainbow spoke into my life when I was in 1st grade. – “Butterflies in the sky, I can fly twice as high. Take a look. It’s in a book. The reading rainbow…”

Aaaahhhh, the good old days.


One Reply to “Back in the Day…”

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