Clowning around

Happy Thanksgiving!

I could REALLY try to over spirtualize these pictures and say that it is important that we spend time blessing other people with the joy of the Lord. If you would have seen the looks on those babies faces when our clown faces gave them candy during the Boscov’s Thanksgiving Day parade…you would know that was true. But, for real? I think I was blessed the most by being able to participate in the parade. I was truly able to take a moment to forget my cares and let it all go…being as silly and goofy as I want…not for myself but for other people; for their joy. It’s been a VERY long time since I’ve been able to do that; to let go and experience the joy of thanksgiving and just living life to bless the next person that comes along. I look forward to doing that more often.

Anyway…I know I look like the birthchild of Bob Marley and Bozo (the only clown out there with locks) and my sweetheart William…well, he is very reminiscent of “Homie the Clown” but hey…what can we say?


So...your thoughts?

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