Just thinking more about this "Big Picture" thing

Speaking of this idea of God seeing the “big picture”…I was just thinking about famous people and their success journey. What about Jamie Foxx? He was playing Wanda on In Living Color and his first album flopped (I think only me and five other people bought it.). In the midst of that, do you think he ever saw himself playing Ray Charles in a movie and winning an Oscar for it? I’m sure he struggled and I don’t know the status of his soul but I do know that everything that he went through was a set up; a preparation for what was in store for him in the future. I’m pretty sure he didn’t see it coming. It probably seemed like it would never come but he didn’t give up and he probably had a grandmother praying him through…

Speaking of prayer… It really changes things. I think I need to believe that more. We need to take time out to pray for each other more…the true blessing comes from seeing others blessed. Sometimes I think we forget that some of our blessings are tied to other people…We’ve got to pray someone else through sometimes to get ours. It’s a seed. I think I’m going to sow a prayer into someone today. Sow a prayer…I like that.

Anyway, I’m all over the place today. I’m thinking about so much. So much going on. So much revelation that I desire from God. So much I need to say…to Him, to me, to you… I don’t think that I ever realized how much was inside of me…how much I need to say. But I guess we’re about to find out…



So...your thoughts?

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