The Big Picture

In Philadelphia, it seems like either summer lasted a bit too long this year or fall arrived a little late. However, now that the leaves have finally hit the ground and I’ve taken my big coat to the dry cleaners, I find myself more reflective than usual. In all honesty, I always seem to get this way around the changing of the seasons but this year it seems like I’m seeing things differently. Seeing things more globally.

When you are in the midst of life, it is very difficult to see how everything fits. You know, the big picture. It’s hard to differentiate between WHAT is happening and WHY it’s happening. That’s why I think it is important to cultivate your spiritual eyes. To see yourself and your circumstances as God sees you. It’s important to understand that what is happening in your life is very much a part of a network of things that God is orchestrating to His Glory and for the agenda of His Kingdom. You are on that job for a reason…spend time seeking His face instead of complaining about how much you hate it. You went through what you did because God desired to see you blessed upon measure, but you needed to be prepared for it. Great blessing means great responsibility and that responsibility is rarely without trials.

I look back over my life and see how God has orchestrated my steps. Even when I messed up, went against His will, and made the worst choice…he literally repositioned me from where I was to where he wanted me to be. It may have taken me longer and hurt worse because of my disobedience but I still made it. His assignments for my life on a daily, monthly, yearly basis never was made void. And now I look back and say, wow… He placed me there so I can meet her or He allowed me to do that so I could bless him…or I endured that trial so that I could see that triumph. It’s like one gigantic puzzle, my life, only God is the one holding the box. He’s the only one who knows what I’m supposed to look like in the end.


So...your thoughts?

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