The Unseen Attack

There are many things that I feel as though God is showing me; as though He is preparing me for something. For instance, what does it mean to be an ambitious and driven person who lacks focus and discipline? It means that you will inevitably end up living a life that is mediocre at best, falling short of the excellence in which God has called and purposed you to live, and finding it hard to finish anything. There are those who don’t start anything and there are those who seem to always accomplish awesome things in a very short amount of time. You would think that the worst place to be is to be fearful of starting something…but I challenge that thinking. I think there is a third type of person. The person who starts something and never finishes. The person who has the vision but doesn’t have the work ethic to complete the task. And unfortunately, I think that is the category that many of us fall into.

You see, God can deliver the person who is fearful of starting something and he can bring a person who moves ahead of Him…accomplishing “good” things but not “God” things…into a place of surrender. But what does he do with the person who has been gifted with the ability to see what God wants done and yet doesn’t have the focus and discipline to accomplish it? It’s like being lukewarm. You serve no purpose on either side.

I think this is where the enemy is doing some serious damage in the lives of God’s people. We often look for these big, dramatic attacks by Satan but we forget that even in the garden of Eden, he came in the form of a snake. He is often very subtle and strategic in the way he positions his lies. In fact, he sets in place systems that can function on their own or with the help of our flesh. One of those systems is fear…but another one is DISTRACTION. REMEMBER: SATAN’S WAY TO ATTACK IS OFTEN TO DISTRACT. Simply distracting us can keep us out of alignment with God’s will and ultimately, disobediant. There is a reason why attention deficit disorders have become more common over the last ten to fifteen years. If we are not in balance and if we are not in God’s will…then we can’t accomplish God’s purpose and the Kingdom Agenda will be thwarted. Or so he thinks.

If God’s ways are greater than our ways, then you know they are greater than his. But we still have to be accountable. I have to be accountable.

The call for today is Focus and Discipline. Focus on the Word of God and have the Discipline to live it daily.


So...your thoughts?

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