the real reason for mediocrity

I’ve discovered something very interesting. More people don’t reach the fullness of success in their lives, not because they don’t pursue their dreams but because they have a hard time receiving and accepting the fulfillment of them. Many times I have found myself on the verge of something awesome and great and not being able to accept what was happening. To a certain extent, sabotaging it with mediocrity, procrastination, and feelings of unworthiness. Part of it might have been the requirements that come with God’s elevation, but most of the time it is simply me having become SO comfortable in “striving” that when the season comes for striving to stop and living to begin, it feels strange.

I want to be open fully to the direction that God is taking me…to the point that I move WITH Him and not AGAINST Him. I want to be prepared to receive all that he has for me…and everything that comes along with it.

It truly is a journey.


So...your thoughts?

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