Is it really me?

Yes, I’m back. And hopefully more consistent.

Many times Satan will try to tell you lies about who you are. He’ll try to create an image of you based upon your cirumstances or past mistakes that has nothing to do with who God says that you are…which is made in His image and redeemed by the blood. Satan’s image of you is like a photoshop picture of you. Parts of it is you but other parts are components of other people and other things that have nothing to do with you. I believe that Satan is a MASTER PHOTOSHOP ARTIST in the spiritual realm.

Have you ever noticed how Satan’s photoshop image of you can be pretty convincing. You will almost believe that the picture of you that he is presenting is true and accurate. But look closely.. Something will be off… The image will have your face but it won’t have…God’s spirit. You’ll see an eye and nose and lips…but you won’t see yourself seeing, hearing, and speaking the things of God. You’ll see the life you lived but you won’t see the life that God has purposed.

Please know the difference between the image that Satan will present to you and the image that God has made you in.


So...your thoughts?

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