The first of many…

Okay.  So I’m starting this blogging thing.  I’ve heard about it and I kept the urge to let the world in on my insanity at bay for as long as I possibly could.  But the time has come.  I often wonder how authentic the blog will be… You see, I know you are out there… I KNOW that there are people that will log on to the blog… who will be judging me and my words based on their own life filters… so the question is…will my people pleasing tendancies override my ability to be truly honest… I hope not.  Only God knows.  And HE knows everything.  I’m going to do the best I can…maybe treat this like a writing diary of sorts.  But beware…it will get intense at times.  Because that’s the type of person I am… An extremist.  But that, I think, is why I write.  And why SOME (not all) of my writing is effective… My emotions and my thoughts run the gamut of human experience so somewhere along the way…SOMEBODY out there will be able to identify.  Maybe. 
We’ll see.  Anyway, I have at least four writing projects on my desk… One, in which, I’m trying to desperately to complete. What’s the deal with my tendancy to procrastinate?  I’ve bought into the whole “I work better under pressure” crap.  In reality, I just end up exhausting myself.  As a matter of fact, after two cups of starbucks expresso… I still find myself sleepy.  Maybe that will work.. a little nap.  Yeah, right! Just another reason not to work.   


So...your thoughts?

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